dear parents of trans* children,

-denying your child’s gender will not solve things. it will instead make them worse.
-not allowing your child to comfortably express their gender will not solve things. it will make them worse.
-purposely misgendering your child will not solve things. it will…


Mike Flannigan, a professor at the University of Alberta says that climate change is to blame for the increase of forest fires.

“What we are seeing in the Northwest Territories this year is an indicator of what to expect with climate change… Expect more fires, larger fires, more intense fires.”…


It’s LGBT pride time! Everyone be proud of who you are, whether you’re LGBT or not (unless you’re mean to animals, then don’t be proud of yourself, ever). Do what you love and fuck the rest. Always do what makes you happy, unless it hurts anyone else (and that’s okay if they beg nicely for it)….